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Mediterranean Vineyards

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Here are a few of our favorite recipes for sangria and mulled wine. Enjoy!

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Bianca Sangria
September 20, 2019
This refreshing sangria is the perfect no-fuss fruity drink to enjoy poolside with friends and family this summer
Mulled Wine
September 20, 2019
This mulled wine is soothing and satisfying with a delightful blend of spices warmed to perfection. Refrigerating the wine mixture overnight allows the flavors to blend.
Rosé Sangria
September 20, 2019
This Rosé Sangria recipe is easy and the chock-full of citrus fruit and melon provides light refreshment. Serve a fun cocktail at a party without having to individually make drinks for each guest. Make this sangria ahead of time and check one thing off your to-do list.