Cork Reindeer in 5 Easy Steps

Justin Sawyer from Mediterranean is bringing you Carafes & Crafts – Home Edition!  Cork Reindeer are an easy DIY you can do in the comfort of your own home while enjoying a glass or two of wine!  They make great DIY Christmas tree ornaments or in the case of these little reindeer, Christmas decorations.  Wrap them up and give them away to friends and neighbors. 

Once the corks are cut to make the reindeer pieces, this is a great craft to make with kids … the more reindeer you make the more corks you will need … which means more wine for you! 

Reindeer Cork Materials: 

  1. Favorite bottle of Mediterranean wine and a wine glass
  2. Utility knife 
  3. Hot glue gun 
  4. Corks
  5. Small googly eyes 
  6. Small red pom poms 
  7. Small branches (we use grape branches)

Cork Reindeer parts

Step 1

Cut one cork in half (for the head of the reindeer). We suggest using Mediterranean Vineyards wine corks 😊

Cut the cork

Step 2

Glue the half cork to your full cork to create the head and body of the reindeer.

glue the cork

Step 3

Glue the small branches on the half cork for your two antlers, then glue four branches to the bottom of the full cork for the legs of your reindeer.

stick antlers

stick legs

Step 4

Glue the googly eyes and pom pom on for the nose of your reindeer.

eyes cork reindeer

finished cork reindeer wine art craft

Step 5

Create another reindeer or add accessories such as a scarf or hat by using a small ribbon.  Easy as that! 

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