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Mediterranean Vineyards

2016 Myka Cellars Tempranillo
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2016 Myka Cellars Tempranillo

Earthy, with elegant restraint.

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Winemaking Notes
A blend of 80% Tempranillo and 20% Zinfandel.
We destemmed the grapes and transferred to tank to begin fermentation. We pressed the wine off the skins and seeds after only 5 days of fermentation, then recombined with the skins (aka “pressings” or pomace) to ferment for an additional 5 days until primary fermentation was complete. This process promotes a more complete extraction of flavor and tannins from the skins and, thus, a more full-bodied wine.
Aged in 100% American Med++ for 18 months.       

Tasting Notes
We feel transported to Spain when we drink this wine, with its elegant restraint and more earth-forward than fruit-forward characteristics, which remind us distinctly of the famous Spanish wine, Rioja. That follows through the palate, with a savory, lean tannic structure that sets it apart from many of our other wines.

Food Pairing Ideas
Spicy Paella, lamb with a fruit glaze, cured meats, polenta, dishes with tomato-based sauces. 

229 cases produced