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The view of the vineyard at Mediterranean Vineyards 

Just thinking about the Mediterranean region of the world brings a smile, memories of a relaxed vacation, conjured images of pristine beaches, ancient architecture, brilliantly blue water, fragrant air, rocky hillsides, fresh delicacies from the sea and shore, and, of course, the wine!

The Mediterranean is destination travelling at its best with abundant natural beauty and rich cultural heritage that has drawn visitors for centuries. Did we mention the wine? Let’s enjoy a glass together

Mediterranean Vineyards, located in the beautiful Fair Play AVA, transports you to those lush growing regions through inspired wines, stunning vineyard views and unmatched hospitality. With a climate that mirrors the Mediterranean region, we grow and craft the best varietals inspired by the cradle of the Old World - France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Join us and explore the Mediterranean’s most sought-after varietals sustainably grown in the California foothills.


Vines at Mediterranean Vineyards




Winemaker Taylor Gibson testing wine barrels


Taylor was introduced to winemaking with the harvest of 2011 when he joined Mica Raas at Myka Cellars. Eager to learn with a capable set of hands and Taylor wanted an opportunity to learn the ropes of the wine industry. This led to an apprenticeship with the winery, and in 2016, Taylor joined Mica in relocating to California’s beautiful Sierra Foothills when Myka Cellars moved to Placerville from Santa Cruz.

Throughout the growth of the winery over the years, Taylor’s passion and personal investment in winemaking has also grown. At the beginning of 2019 Taylor achieved the position of Winemaker for Mediterranean Vineyards.

Taylor supports sustainable farming practices on more than 120 acres of vineyards in and around the Fair Play AVA in California’s beautiful El Dorado County. His work highlights El Dorado County as a premier winegrowing region of Mediterranean varietals.

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