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Sustainable farming is a pillar of our culture and philosophy.

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We care deeply about safeguarding the land our vineyards are grown on through environmentally responsible practices. We seek to conserve and value our natural resources, protect local wildlife and the ecosystem they thrive in, and ensure the safety, creative passion, and economic security of our staff.

Sustainable farming practices protect our soil, air, and water – these are the elements that breathe character and quality into our grapes. Being a steward of the land and a part of the community are principles our winery lives by. Our environmentally and socially responsible practices are an integral part of how we do business. It is our way of ensuring the health of our land, our community, and our winery for generations to come.

Utilizing sustainable practices in both our vineyards and our winery make for high quality wines and provide a better environment for employees, neighbors, and guests. Sustainable winegrowing can include biodynamic or organic farming practices.

  • Cover crops: planting or encouraging other crops to grow between the vine rows in spring, thus reducing erosion, improving soil structure, providing additional organic matter, and attracting beneficial insects.
  • Regulated deficit irrigation: restricting the application of irrigation water, limiting per vine water use to below that of a fully watered vine while still maintaining adequate crop yield.
  • Electrostatic crop spraying: inducing a static electric charge in each emitted drop, causing it to be attracted to the plant, which has a neutral charge. This allows to minimize the volume of applications in the vineyard.
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